How to get darker skin? If you have the desire to change the color of your skin but don’t know where to begin, there are several steps that can be taken to accomplish your goals. While many spray-on products aid in sun-protection, they can be unnatural-looking, particularly if applied by an inexperienced person. Instead, opt for these natural solutions for how to get darker skin. They are often less expensive, can be done in the privacy of your own home and will give you results similar to those of cosmetic surgery.

One of the best-known products is a spray tan. Many people who want to “tattoo” their body or use a browser as a way to “tinker” with their skin naturally choose tanning salons for this purpose. Many also use tanning beds for this purpose. While these methods have been proven to darken the skin temporarily, most experts recommend never applying more than three times a week for any length of time.

Another way to darken skin is through sun exposure. In general, exposure to the sun for more than twenty minutes every day will result in a darker appearance. If you desire a more even skin tone, avoid the sun. Better yet, use sunblock when you go out into the sun so that you can avoid damage to your skin that may result from prolonged exposure.

Limiting time outdoors is another solution for how to darken your skin without dangerous injections or dangerous sun rays. Exposing your skin to sunlight is one of the causes of fine lines and wrinkles, so it makes sense to limit your exposure time outdoors. Even though you may be tempted to stay outdoors for hours on end, staying under a cover of some sort will make the process go much more smoothly. For example, wear a hat, scarf, or cap to block out the sun’s harmful UV rays. You could also put some sunscreen lotion or spray on a light cream during the day if you are planning to be outside for long periods.

How to get a darker skin tone by using self tanning products may be an option for some people. Unfortunately, this method involves making use of potentially dangerous chemicals that could worsen the effects of any skin damage caused by sunlight or UV rays. Therefore, unless you have some very rare medical condition or are absolutely sure that you do not need to use self-tanning products, you should be wary about trying this method to get a darker tan.

One way to lighten up your skin naturally is to invest in all natural tanning beds. These types of beds contain all-natural minerals that will darken your skin at a much slower rate than standard tanning processes. Using an all-natural bed is especially beneficial if you are prone to sunburn or frequent exposure to the sun. The all-natural ingredients found in these beds will moisturize and protect your skin while it takes on the color of the bed.

When looking for a way to darken your skin, the safest bet is to stay away from sun exposure. Instead, opt for a self-tanning product that contains the all-natural moisturizing ingredient mentioned above. For a nice even tan, try applying a spray tan, also made with all natural ingredients. For a faster darkening effect, use a self-tanning lotion with an SPF (skin protection factor). If you are worried about your skin drying out while you are tanning, use an unscented spray tan lotion instead.

Although there are other methods for changing your skin tone besides tanning, none of them are as simple or safe as using an all-natural tanning lotion or getting a self-tan. Darker skin can be achieved without risk or expense by simply using products that contain the right ingredients. You don’t need expensive surgery or risky laser treatments to look like a celebrity. Look for a spray tan lotion with an SPF to protect your skin while it gradually absorbs into your skin to give you a beautiful black tea tan that will stay.